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About Cook Kwee’s

Family-Owned & Operated Since 1981

We’re proud of being a 100% family-owned company so we make certain our cookies are the best for our family and yours. We strive for a consistently great cookie, every time.

The Story of Cook Kwee’s

Back in 1981, the Kwee Family created the perfect shortbread cookie recipe—infused with tropical Hawaiian ingredients—to use for Cook Kwee’s Maui Cookies. We’ve added new flavors now and again, but haven’t changed the original recipe.

Mrs. Kwee, the founder and original owner of Cook Kwee’s Maui Cookies, emigrated from Indonesia. She started the company in 1981 and it was family-owned and operated until they chose to sell in 1986. When we bought the company from the Kwee Family, we didn’t know anything about cookies or running a business, but were eager to learn and passionate about continuing the family tradition of creating amazing cookies.

From Our Ohana to Yours

Mrs. Kwee stayed with us for 10 years before she retired. During those 10 years she taught us everything. We couldn’t have done what we did and we’d never be where we are today without Mrs. Kwee.

Cook Kwee’s Maui Cookies is the perfect example of a family company. Mom does the baking, daughter does the packaging, dad does the “everything.” We have six local employees who are like family to us. Nearly all have been with the business for at least 10 years — and several for 20-30 years! Everyone loves working together, and pushing each other to be better.

We’re proud of being a 100% family-owned company and are dedicated to making the best cookies for our family and yours. We strive for a consistently great cookie, every time. We believe our company value standards are only possible through passion and dedication to our product and the people we work with.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Our workers are more than just employees to our family—they are more like extended family members! Safety is our top priority to protect our loved ones—both family and work family—who we get to work with each day.

We feel lucky to have such a great crew and positive work environment. Everyone supports each other and wants to help their team members succeed in every aspect of their lives—not just work.

Hand-washing, hairnets, face masks, gloves, and proper social distancing are mandatory. We strive to ensure the wellness of everyone who makes, packages, delivers, and safely enjoys Cook Kwee’s Maui Cookies.

Everybody has their recipe for a great cookie. We got ours from home.

Crispy, light, and a homemade delight!

Every Cook Kwee’s cookie is made by hand in our Maui kitchen, so each cookie is just as special as the one before it.